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Inflate tyres with ease

Inflate tyres with ease

I have footpumps and having grown older, felt the need for physical relief from pumping. After sifting through many products and reviews for basically a posh tyre pump, I settled on the Ring Automotive RAC630  as it seemed to get good feedback for a reasonable price. Used it several times over the last month and very impressed. It comes with a digital gauge and the auto cut off when desired pressure is reached, so works pretty much like the ones you find at the filling station.

Ring Automotive RAC630

Best Digital Shipping Scale Ever

Best Digital Shipping Scale Ever

My wife does some online selling of stuff we would be throwing away through eBay and usually the items she sells are less than 30 lbs so we own a table-top 30-lb scale. However we are am now selling more and more heavier items and the old bathroom scale just does not compare. So we found the WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale perfect when taking it to the storage space to weigh a bunch of items being listed.

WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale

Using the Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

The Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

I’ve been using the Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit to repair an old arcade machine, and so far it works perfectly. The self-igniter feature works instantly, and is much handier than other propane irons I’ve used. The iron heats up a lot faster than my electric iron (30 seconds from cold start to working temp) so you don’t need to keep it burning constantly if you’re doing bits here and there. This unit fires up every time without any problems.

The hot air feature is ideal for shrink tubing – much better than a match or propane torch. It’s easy to control, so you get full shrinkage with no danger of burned insulation. The torch feature is nice if you need a pinpoint flame. This unit comes in a nice plastic case with a spot for all your tips and such and has a foam pad to keep them from banging around. My friends unit came in a metal box with his tips in a plastic bag and that was it. So while my torch stays nice and clean, his gets banged up every time he moves it.

The great Revlon 9033U Hair Roller Set

My great gift the Revlon 9033U Hair Roller Set

I have been looking for a reasonably priced roller set for my wife for a few weeks before I stumbled upon a few great reviews for the Revlon 9033U. Since the set has arrived my wife has found it easy to use and good value for money. Her hair is shoulder length and fine and she has been able to use the full range of rollers. She does find that the clips do get a bit hot but the curls look great. The curls stayed in for most of the day so was she is very pleased. Would definitely recommend this product.

My Infants Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer

The Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer

I like this thermometer because it is really easy to use and the kids don’t mind it one bit. My toddler was apprehensive the first time around, but I quickly turned him onto it by demonstrating on my own ear first. If you have a older child, you have several options, but for a new born, this is the ideal thermometer, in my opinion. A Must have for all parents new & continuing.

Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer It includes a storage bag and automatic shut off feature. Measures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

My Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

My Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Like most men, I am getting an abundance of hair growing from my ears and my nose as I age. So I invested in the Groom Mate. Using the Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer takes more time but that doesn’t matter (to me) because there is none of that vibration that makes it impossible to cut your nose hairs. The vibration is like torture to me, I’d rather pull my nose hairs out. So far this thing is staying sharp.
Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
I dare say this is better than any electric razor that you can use for a similar purpose. This is also fantastic to travel with, comes in a nice tube that fits perfectly in your toiletry bag. I’m glad I bought it.

My Stanley J309 300 Amp Jump Starter

Stanley J309 300 Amp – the Best Jump Starter

The Stanley J309 300 Amp Jump Starter is just Awesome! It has plenty of jump start power. I have had a chance to use it in the last few days on our fleet vehicles. Cars/trucks/vans…no problems. Charging the Stanley J309 is easy on this model, just plug it in with an ordinary household AC extension cord or use the DC adapter supplied.

Also, this unit has an on/off switch. My old one didn’t so the terminals were ‘HOT’ all the time. The Stanley unit has a battery level indicator, before the attempt it read full charge. After, the indicator was in the middle. Back inside, I hook it up to charge it again, it reads low. A Life saver device, well worth the bucks!

The BaByliss 2289U Glamour Waves Curling Tong

My BaByliss 2289U Glamour Waves Curling Tong Gift

I bought these curling tongs for my wife because she loves the big curls look that’s in at the moment. She has used them a few times and says they are easy to use and get nice and hot. She definitely gets those lovely big bouncy curls. She has very thick hair, so had to leave them in her hair a lot longer than it says so was careful not to burn her hair.

Glad I bought them for her though, they are very user friendly and you don’t burn the ends of your fingers because the stay cool piece on the end is a decent size. Overall…a top curling tongs set at a very good price. Worth the money.

Buying a new Hot Towel Cabinet – Warmer

The Best Hot Towel Cabinet

My wife is training to be a professional Skin Therapist and she needs to have use of a towel cabinet almost everyday. So after reading loads of hot towel warmer reviews, we bought the Hot Towel Cabinet – Double Towel Warmer (SL32).

It has been one of the best investments for her business. The clients love all the hot towels she continues to use on them during facials and microderms etc.and with this huge towel cabinet, I can really spoil them. Sometimes she will add rose oils to the towels and the clients really like the little extra touches.

Add Style with the Ledu L557BR Bankers Lamp

The Ledu L557BR Bankers Lamp

This lamp is great for bedside reading. Good quality, solid, sturdy desk lamp. The cover is frosted glass, and the pull chain is thick. I’ve got a 40W flourescent twisty bulb in this, but I’ve also used it with a 60W regular bulb. No problems. The base is sturdy and heavy enough to forestall tipping. We are very pleased with the classic bankers lamp appearance.

Using a Cordless strimmer in Garden

Picking the Best Cordless Grass Strimmer

I have a large law are and like any keen gardener I like to keep it looking its best. However the annoying thing is it can become labor intensive so I am always looking at ways to speed things up. So I have recently invested in a cordless strimmer to aid my efforts. And it had helped somewhat to speed my gardening up a bit.

After reading various articles and cordless strimmer reviews I made my mind up that getting one would be crucial for creating those neat edges on a lawn. I would say it will become one of the most useful tools in a my repertoire.

Going on a trek with my new Internal Frame Backpack

Did I find the Best Internal Frame Backpack of My Dreams or Not?

My wife and I have recently decided to take up hiking after going on a trip to a national park, cannot believe we had never done it before. However we were short of a few things to make the trip more bearable. Most importantly we had no backpacks to take the stiff we we need on the trek. Since my brother was a keen trekker, I asked him for some advice and his answer was look wisely and go for the best internal frame backpack you can afford. I said “internal frame” what? A complete foreign language to me so as I do I went onto the internet to do some research.

After reading what felt like hundreds of blogs, watching countless videos and reading plenty of internal frame backpack reviews I still had no idea. So it could take me a bit longer before I go on my next trek. Here is a video I found on the popular Scout 3400 backpack.

Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for an Amateur Artist

Why I need an Electric Pencil Sharpener

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before but I am an amateur artist, which means I have had no formal training but enjoy the process and time spent behind a canvass. One of the less enjoyable tasks with drawing when using pencils is constantly having to sharpen the pencils to keep the artistry on track.

So I have been doing some research, reading various forums and have decided on getting an electric sharpener. Since it will save me time and make the drawing process more enjoyable. After reading various electric pencil sharpener reviews I have settled on a cheap and cheerful model since I won’t be using it day in day out. Checkout this video on the Stanley Bostitch® QuietSharp™ Glow Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener – was a bit too expensive for my pocket.


Picking an Electric Cool Box for a Summers Picnic

Best Electric Cool Box for Picnics

I love getting read for a picnic in the summer, the warm sunshine and cool breeze makes all the prep work worth it. However in recent years my beloved cool box has started to fall apart, so I have been looking into getting a new one. There are various brands on the market including Coleman, and Thermos so I have found it a chore to read through all the electric cool box reviews.

However after a long drawn out process I decided on going after a larger cool box so have stumped up the money for the Coleman 70Qt Xtreme Hard Cooler. A tip that I have picked up over the years include whenever possible for food safety reasons, chilling foods prior to packing them into your cool box.

Best Rotary Tool for altering furniture

Best Rotary Tool for altering furniture

I enjoy altering my own furniture and have found that using the rotary tool kit can help me carve quickly. I have always trusted my artistic side and have used various tools. One of the most popular models that I have used is the Dremel 3000 Rotary tool. Below is a short video on the tool.

Is the Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX the Best Air Impact Wrench

Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX the Best Air Impact Wrench

Here is a user that backs the 2135TiMAX as being the best impact tool:

“Well let me start off by saying that i work in a dealership as a technician and i use this gun every single day. If you want the best 1/2 gun out on the market, i would definitely buy this one hands down. Compared to the best snap on gun, this thing has got it beat. It only weighs 3.9 LBS which is amazing for a 1/2″ gun, believe me when i say this, especially if you are constantly using your gun, the weight factor plays a huge part.

Sure the snap on 500 dollar 1/2″ gun has a little bit more bolt break away torque, but does this justify doubling the price of the 2135TImax?? the bolt break away torque is through the roof and it will take off anything you will need it to in an automotive shop.. About 5-6 drops of oil in the bottom of the gun where you connect the shop air, and don’t forget to grease your gun every 45 hours with 8-10 pumps of grease. 2 year warranty, and oh yea, did i mention that 5 out of the 7 techs have one of these impact tools. “

Here is another users review:

“After reading multiple reviews and watching youtube videos, I fianlly broke down and purchased this gun so I could replace the clutch on my toyota corolla. After waitig a week for it to arrive, it wouldn’t even budge the 30mm front axel nut….I even tried heat. Ended up putting what I had removed back on the car and drivig it to a auto shop and having them break the nut loose for 20.00 extra dollars. Its good for meduim duty but wished I had picked up something with more muscle.”

Checkout a video on the Ingersoll Rand 2135TiMAX Air Impact Wrench

For more air impact wrench reviews visit

Using the Black & Decker LSWV36 Leaf Vacuum – Blower

My Black & Decker LSWV36 Leaf Vacuum – Blower

This Black and Decker tool is amazing. The Black & Decker LSWV36 36-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper and  Leaf Vac is so much easier to use than corded or gas powered models, and yet, has plenty of power for most lawn jobs. The sweeper is not as powerful as my electric Toro but does the job just fine. I did not want to mess with a gas tool and the electric cord was always a problem. This tool does the job and more. Highly recommended.

Black and Decker LSWV36

The vacuum switchover is fairly quick after you do it the first time. There is a spring loaded release switch to press to remove the inside section where the vacuum assembly will go. And then the bag mounts onto the other side of the motor blower unit. It features a 36-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery which has a longer life cycle than Ni-Cad batteries and also holds its charge longer. The provided charger will recharge the battery in only one hour. The motor is low noise rated at 65 dBA. yet creates 120 mph air streams! Overall, this is a very good value and I am so pleased to own it.

Bought the Travel Smart Travel Iron for Business Trip

Travel Smart Iron for Business Trip

This little iron literally fits inside your palm which makes it perfect for travel by taking up very little precious luggage space. Granted it has a small surface area, but it heats up nicely and is perfect for light “touch ups” of packing creases.

Travel Smart by Conair Travel Iron

The easy to switch dual voltage feature made it a piece of cake for our recent trip to Europe. I found it heats enough to touch up my shirts, pants and ties. I also use a small spray bottle of water to lightly mist the garment if necessary. You wouldn’t want to use it for your everyday ironing, but that’s not what it was designed for. It’s a compact travel iron, it’s light, works with 110/220 volts, what more can I get for $20.00.