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Best Digital Shipping Scale Ever

Best Digital Shipping Scale Ever

My wife does some online selling of stuff we would be throwing away through eBay and usually the items she sells are less than 30 lbs so we own a table-top 30-lb scale. However we are am now selling more and more heavier items and the old bathroom scale just does not compare. So we found the WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale perfect when taking it to the storage space to weigh a bunch of items being listed.

WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale

My Stanley J309 300 Amp Jump Starter

Stanley J309 300 Amp – the Best Jump Starter

The Stanley J309 300 Amp Jump Starter is just Awesome! It has plenty of jump start power. I have had a chance to use it in the last few days on our fleet vehicles. Cars/trucks/vans…no problems. Charging the Stanley J309 is easy on this model, just plug it in with an ordinary household AC extension cord or use the DC adapter supplied.

Also, this unit has an on/off switch. My old one didn’t so the terminals were ‘HOT’ all the time. The Stanley unit has a battery level indicator, before the attempt it read full charge. After, the indicator was in the middle. Back inside, I hook it up to charge it again, it reads low. A Life saver device, well worth the bucks!

Add Style with the Ledu L557BR Bankers Lamp

The Ledu L557BR Bankers Lamp

This lamp is great for bedside reading. Good quality, solid, sturdy desk lamp. The cover is frosted glass, and the pull chain is thick. I’ve got a 40W flourescent twisty bulb in this, but I’ve also used it with a 60W regular bulb. No problems. The base is sturdy and heavy enough to forestall tipping. We are very pleased with the classic bankers lamp appearance.

Inflate tyres with ease

Inflate tyres with ease

I have footpumps and having grown older, felt the need for physical relief from pumping. After sifting through many products and reviews for basically a posh tyre pump, I settled on the Ring Automotive RAC630  as it seemed to get good feedback for a reasonable price. Used it several times over the last month and very impressed. It comes with a digital gauge and the auto cut off when desired pressure is reached, so works pretty much like the ones you find at the filling station.

Ring Automotive RAC630

Using the Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

The Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

I’ve been using the Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit to repair an old arcade machine, and so far it works perfectly. The self-igniter feature works instantly, and is much handier than other propane irons I’ve used. The iron heats up a lot faster than my electric iron (30 seconds from cold start to working temp) so you don’t need to keep it burning constantly if you’re doing bits here and there. This unit fires up every time without any problems.

The hot air feature is ideal for shrink tubing – much better than a match or propane torch. It’s easy to control, so you get full shrinkage with no danger of burned insulation. The torch feature is nice if you need a pinpoint flame. This unit comes in a nice plastic case with a spot for all your tips and such and has a foam pad to keep them from banging around. My friends unit came in a metal box with his tips in a plastic bag and that was it. So while my torch stays nice and clean, his gets banged up every time he moves it.

The great Revlon 9033U Hair Roller Set

My great gift the Revlon 9033U Hair Roller Set

I have been looking for a reasonably priced roller set for my wife for a few weeks before I stumbled upon a few great reviews for the Revlon 9033U. Since the set has arrived my wife has found it easy to use and good value for money. Her hair is shoulder length and fine and she has been able to use the full range of rollers. She does find that the clips do get a bit hot but the curls look great. The curls stayed in for most of the day so was she is very pleased. Would definitely recommend this product.

My Infants Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer

The Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer

I like this thermometer because it is really easy to use and the kids don’t mind it one bit. My toddler was apprehensive the first time around, but I quickly turned him onto it by demonstrating on my own ear first. If you have a older child, you have several options, but for a new born, this is the ideal thermometer, in my opinion. A Must have for all parents new & continuing.

Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer It includes a storage bag and automatic shut off feature. Measures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.